CE-workshop-Ad-FBOn Wednesday night the WINC group had the opportunity to learn more about fellow WINC member Catherine Mombourquette, of Catherine Mombourquette Photography, along with a feature presentation on  how fear can play a role in your business. The talented and brilliant Gillan Rees, of Confident Entrepreneurs, walked attendees through the most common business fears and through handy worksheets and tips, helped put some of those fears to rest!

Gillian was kind enough to provide us with an excerpt from her educational and eye-opening presentation:


Overcoming Fear in Business

Fear can feel intense and overwhelming at times, but when we know it is there, we can unmask it, see it for the flimsy disguise it wears, and vanquish it through reason, insight and gratitude.

“Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.” ~ Dale Carnegie


Right reasoning is a powerful tool against fear. Most fear is irrational. It is difficult to feel powerful and peaceful when you mind is swirling with ‘what ifs’ and ‘what is going on’!

Deep breathing and a little break are often the immediate answers. It is a proven way to reduce anxiety. Allow your thought a bit of space in which to calm down. When we are tightly wound up, feeling like everything is out of control, we aren’t able to relax and listen for the reasonable explanation or next steps.

So give yourself a few moments to breathe deeply, or call a friend, or make some tea, or go for a run! Anything that will take your intense focus off the problem and fear, and allow you mind to be at ease, and therefor prep for a breakthrough. The answer is always there.

But we need to be calm enough to see it!

Once we are a little calmer, we can thoughtfully approach the issue with a clear head and look for the intelligent and reasonable solution.

We aren’t afraid of frustration, or anger, or feeling exhausted, and yet, they are basically on the same level as feeling fear. It is just a feeling and we need to reduce it down to what it truly is to see that we don’t need to be afraid of it.


Insight is closely related to right reasoning for me. But different in that this addresses more about the lies that we are telling ourselves (or are being told TO us, by friends, family, media, general thought). And trust me, there are a TON of lies out there, influencing us constantly.

I know you have heard many of these:

  • “Most business fail”
  • “Entrepreneurship is risky, aren’t you worried?”
  • “You might be good at accounting, but do you know enough to run a business?”
  • “You are only 25 years old. You are already 53 years old!”
  • “Most people are dishonest, so watch out”
  • “The economy is terrible right now, will be terrible, won’t ever get better”

Our job (besides running our business, working in our business, promoting our business and building our business!!) is to look past these lies and see the real, the truth.

Many businesses succeed! You DO know enough. Your clients don’t care about the economy, they care about value!

We need to address each lie that presents itself to us, and counter it with the ways in which we can control, or make better, or improve on outside factors.

We need to surround ourselves with other confident, successful entrepreneurs who can help dispel these myths by proving it in their daily lives and by snapping you out of your fear trance when needed!

You have unique insight into your market, your business, your customers that no one else has. Use these truths to see past what the rest of the world is holding up for you to see. Know that their care and concern often comes with loads of limitations that you DON”T need to listen to!


Being grateful for the good we have already received is the best way to conquer fear. Look at what you HAVE achieved. Look at all the good around you.

Being grateful for business debt even! Seeing that the loan of that money has allowed you to do some good, and being grateful for that opportunity is a perfect way to turn the fear of debt on its head.

Being grateful for past clients brings into focus why you would like to have more clients.

Taking time to recognize your support system, those people in your life who believe in you and are rooting for your success is a way of energizing yourself past your fear and inspiring you to prove them right, to make them proud.

Again, what we look at is what we see. What we CHOOSE to focus on is what makes us our reality.

Ask yourself. Would I rather work with someone who is anxious, worried and negative? Or with someone who is positive, grateful and filled with excitement and energy!

Fear lives in thought. We will never be without it, but we can change the way we view our circumstance in order to work through it.

Shift your focus.

When I am feeling overwhelmed by fear, I bring myself back to why I am in business: I am here to be of service, to help, to support, to make my client’s lives easier and better, to remove worry for them.

This takes me so quickly out of fear mode, out of us vs them, away from what if we mess up etc. When you come back to your core values, your core reason for having this business, it will show you what is out of alignment…when we are focussing too much on the money, and not on the opportunities to help, focussing on future instead of right now, focussing on our competition instead of our own business and specialness.

You Can Do This!

You are going to face fear almost everyday in business, but the trick is to do the right things everyday, so that your focus is on the positive, so that you are surrounded by supportive energetic people, online or off, so that you have goals that drive you to actual action, and so that you are building and protecting your confidence!

Catching these fears early will help. Knowing you are not unique in your fears, they aren’t PERSONAL to you, will help. Seeing that fear is just a feeling, not a REAL thing, will help.

But mostly, seeing the fear for what it is. A suggestion to keep you standing still, playing small and quiet, and a challenge that you need to overcome, push through, in order to achieve even greater success!

Use it as fuel, as a bright indicator that good things are just on the other side. Then walk through it. You can do it.

Build Your Confidence Worksheet

How are you building and protecting your confidence on a regular basis. This handy worksheet from Confident Entrepreneurs will help you list out all the positive and confidence building activities that you do each day, week, month or year. List why these are important and then set goals for doing them more frequently!

Download here!


Gillian ReesSpeaker: Gillian Rees, Entrepreneurial Business Coach
As co-owner of Rees Communications Inc. for 10 years Gillian has worked with countless business owners as a marketing and strategy expert to help them build their businesses. In 2012 Gillian began to help others achieve greater success, confidence and freedom as a business coach for entrepreneurs.


Member Spotlight: Catherine Mombourquette

Catherine Mombourquette“It was born out the sense to escape and be creative.” After losing her mother in May of 2010, Catherine decided that although she was “happy” in her corporate job, her heart longed for more.

Photography is creative freedom and a notion that something can be bigger than what she dreamed. Since pursing a career as a wedding and family photographer, Catherine has travelled the world photographing her clients in beautiful and exotic locations.

Now in her third year of business, she is concentrating on refining her brand and doing the work that makes her happy. She is celebrating her first published wedding and looking forward to furthering her skills in editing this February.

Last night, Catherine gave our WINC group the “coles-notes” version of her journey so far. For those of you who missed it, or really enjoyed it ;) We’d like to invite you to read her story on her blog and enjoy some of her most treasured images from 2014.

You can read more about Catherine’s experience on her blog.