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Prior to becoming an Osteopath and Yoga Instructor, Nicole Cluett-Penny had a career in management and business ownership. Her diverse background in career and education has lead her down the path she is on today. After earning her BA Nicole realized she could put her entrepreneurial skill to work. She became the owner and operator of a gas station. Nicole excelled in the business, eventually owning three locations. Five years and two children later, Nicole returned to University, to complete her BBA.

Like many working mothers, Nicole found that the demands of career, parenthood and an active lifestyle began to take a toll on her body. Seeking a way to relieve physical tension and migraines, Nicole discovered yoga. As with everything in life, Nicole threw herself into it, heart and soul.

What she discovered was so much more than the relief of tension. Realizing that yoga had improved her personal and professional quality of life, Nicole decided to share her experience with others. She returned to school and became a Registered Yoga Instructor. Nicole has helped sports enthusiasts to use yoga to maintain their active lifestyle and achieve new goals. From general issues such as improved posture while driving, to giving athletes the flexibility to perform a better squat in the gym, many have benefited from her techniques.

Continuing her dedication to learning, Nicole returned to school and is a practicing Osteopath. She is excited to continue to share her diverse knowledge of sport and body mechanics with you. At Mind, Matter & Motion she offers yoga classes specifically tailored for your sport. Her Osteopathic treatments will help you address the pain issues that have affected your quality of life.

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