Project Description

Marny Williams-Balodis

The Hummingbird Centre for Hope

Non-Profit Organization,  Peer Support

Phone: 519-500-8535




A community of hope for those who are widowed and have children.

Our Mission:  To provide continuing bereavement support to men and women after the death of their spouse or partner. A peer-to-peer environment of hope facilitates the rebuilding of a new sense of self as an only parent.

It takes tremendous strength, patience and time for families to adjust to the dramatic lifestyle changes that occur when a spouse dies. The needs of bereaved families are vast and ongoing, and often continue much longer than society might assume. Surviving spouses work heroically each and every day to try and maintain a sense of normalcy for their grieving family, while at the same time coping with their own immense loss.  There is a very real need for continuing, long-term support for widowed parents. This support can be found at The Hummingbird Centre for Hope.