Project Description

Jackie Morrison

The Flower Studio


Phone: 226-338-6385




People are my passion!  Prior to working in flowers I was a home childcare provider.  A lot of the experiences I had with the families in those 13 years has continued in my work with flowers.  I love being a part of my client’s life events.  The sad ones and the happy ones.  I love to learn about my clients and hear their stories and connect with who they really are.  I am able to create my client’s vision because I have taken the time to get to know and understand them.   I get energy from my clients and excitement for the work I will do for them.  My life is enriched by the exposure to my client’s stories and life experiences.

Working with flowers has been something I have always enjoyed and found relaxing.  Well before I began my schooling to become a professional florist, a lot of my down time was spent in my garden or trying to bring the garden into my home in some way or another.  My approach to floral design is to allow nature to do the work.  My style revolves around showcasing what has already been created by nature while adding a subtle edge of flair and design.  All of the work I create for my clients is customized and unique – always keeping in mind their preferences and budget.

Combining two of my favorite things, flowers and people, has allowed me to work in my dream job.