Project Description

Erin Kiers

Hybrid Hair and Detox Spa

Hair Stylist + Make up Artist + Reiki\Shamballa Practitioner + Holistic Life Coach

Phone: 519-886-8624




After 20 years of experience in the Hair and Beauty Industry, finding herself with the opportunity to help revolutionize this traditionally chemically laden industry, Erin Kiers opened K-W’s First Eco Friendly Salon and Spa, Hybrid Hair and Detox Spa offering full hair and skin services. After almost 5 years of operation, 2 in Belmont Village and another 3 in the Shoes 22 Plaza on Weber St, pushing the professional industry for greener and safer products has become the norm. Holistic healing has spread like wild fire to 3 of her other staff members who eagerly embrace the healing energy for self-growth and enhancing the services even further. The goal for each guests every visit is that they experience an instant relief of stress and distraction from the outdoors. As reflected in its name Hybrid Hair and Detox Spa is meant to reflect a newer improved less toxic hair and skin service environment, while offering detoxifying services and atmosphere from our daily chaotic lives. Each service is now steeped with the healing energy of Reiki and a feeling of levitation is not an uncommon side effect upon the completion of each nourishing experience. Each year Hybrid Hair and Detox Spa donates a tree to a local school sharing Eco Awareness with the next generation and encouraging them to consider their future impact on the Earth while ensuring that HHDS are responsible stewards of their future planets condition. Supporters of the WelFit Program at U of W, and implementing an annual community clean up amongst staff are among some of the Community services HHDS participates in. A Green Circle salon and run on Bullfrog energy, HHDS also offers a refill program on their shampoo and conditioners and recently unveiled their Ultimate Green Menu, featuring services executed with organic ingredients you could eat!

Furthering her quest for self-realization for herself and others, Erin Kiers has embarked on the path to certifying herself as a Holistic Life Coach. By mid-2014 guests will enjoy Energy Treatment\Holistic Life Coaching session options.

Erin Kiers and her Green Family at Hybrid Hair and Detox Spa are here to offer a rejuvenating, luxurious space, providing guilt free, conscientious services and products to nourish you, mind body and spirit.