Project Description

Bhupi Rajput



Phone: 519-741-7007




I’m a wife, a mum to two boys (three if you count hubby) and an entrepreneur.  I was born in Nairobi, Kenya, moved to London, England when I was 11 and have lived in Cambridge Ontario since 2004.  I am the artist and owner of Henna4You.  It was born in London in 1998 and has continued to blossom after moving to Canada.

My aim is to show everyone what an absolutely amazing and beautiful Art Henna is.  It’s great fun for all ages and gender.  One of the few art forms that doesn’t limit you by age.  It can be added to any occasion from a Corporate/Community Event, BBQ, Annual Picnic, a Birthday Party, a Ladies Night-In, School Events, Girl Guides, Scouts, Baby Shower, Baby Blessing, Bridal Shower or even a Book Club.  The possibilities are endless.  We are also involved with elementary and high schools and provide classroom presentations and demonstrations for subjects including but not limited to; Geography, Social Studies, Women’s Studies.